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IBO Computer Interface Board, Slot 0 16-Bit ADC with LP Filter
DVI Dual VI-Source 4-Quadrant Kelvin Voltage/Current Sources, ±20V, ±200mA
I²C I²C Serial Port Automated I²C port, 400KHz and 3.4MHz
SPI SPI Serial Port Flexible Serial Port Sends/Receives up to 256 Bytes, to 20MHz
24B 24-Bit Voltmeter 24-Bit ADC, ±20V Input, Programmable Speed and Resolution
DAC 16-Bit Voltage Sources 5 Precision Voltage Sources, ±10V Outputs
LBK Loadboard Relays 32 Independent User-Controlled Relays  
OPT Optics Module External PCB with Visible Light LED's, Infrared PD with Amplifier, & IRLED
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