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IBO Computer Interface Board, Slot 0 16-Bit ADC with LP Filter
DVI Dual VI-Source 4-Quadrant Kelvin Voltage/Current Sources, ±20V, ±200mA
I2C I²C Serial Port Automated I²C port, 400KHz and 3.4MHz
SPI SPI Serial Port Flexible Serial Port Sends/Receives up to 256 Bytes, to 20MHz
DRV Digital Drivers 16 Digital Drivers, 1.65V to 5.5V Amplitude, up to 64 Vectors per Test
RCV Digital Receivers 16 Digital Receivers, 0 to 5V Threshold, 64 Vectors per Test
24B 24-Bit Voltmeter 24-Bit ADC, ±20V Input, Programmable Speed and Resolution
DAC 16-Bit Voltage Sources 5 Precision Voltage Sources, ±10V Outputs
PLS Pulse Generator DC to 50MHz Digital Pulse Generator, Programmable Bursts
SINE Sinewave Generator DDS up to 20MHz, with Programmable Offset and Amplitude
TIA Time Interval Analyzer Tr, Tf, Tpd, Width,. +/-1nsec Accuracy, <100psec Resolution
LBK Loadboard Relays 32 Independent User-Controlled Relays
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