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ProductionLine has expanded their line of mixed-signal testers by combining the standard IC100-S tester with an upgraded test head, a 5 amp VI-Source, an Agilent 6-1/2 digit DMM, an 8-slot PXI subsystem and USB and LXI front panel ports. This new IC3K test system also includes ProductionLine's new quad precision SMU card in the PXI bus.

Software for the IC3K includes the proven and popular fill-in-the-blank GUI, a new tester front panel GUI with all the instrumentation on one screen and DLL's for VB6 and C++.

Applications Include:
• Power Management Device with serial microcontroller interfaces
• Serially-programmable Analog Switches, Multiplexers, DAC's and ADC's
• Analog and Mixed-Signal IC's like Op Amps, Regulators, References

Features Include :
• Space saving footprint, integrated computer, small light-weight test head
• PXI subsystem includes a quad, high-precision SMU and 6 spare slots
• LXI ethernet connections on front panel, using an independent PCI card
• Fill-in-the-blank software for easy, intuitive test development
• Summary sheets, Datalogs and a Prober/Handler interface are included
• Base: 4 SMU's, 16 digital inputs, 16 outputs, 2 serial ports, 32 relay controls