IrDA Tester
Specialized Testing of Infrared Transceivers
IR3000 IrDA Tester

The IR3000 Model 3 is the latest, fully integrated automatic test system customized to electrically and optically test IrDA transceiver modules. The system has been specifically built and programmed to test 115.2 KHz and 4 Mbps IR transceivers. Tests include standard IC tests, direct LED electrical tests, and optical tests. The system and test heads are designed for high throughput on the manufacturing floor. Small pogo-pins in an automatic handler are used to make contact with the Device Under Test (DUT). Different configurations are available for the DUT and Optics Boxes, based on IrDA Standards 1.0 (SIR), 1.1 (FIR), and 1.2 (MC). Custom boxes are available upon request.

The single, 19" Rack Mount Cabinet minimizes the space requirement on the test floor. The Computer, Monitor and Keyboard all fit conveniently in the cabinet. Measurements result of each test is saved in an Excel-like data file. Datalogging and binning and yield summaries are saved almost instantly, formatted for Microsoft Excel which can be used for extensive numerical and graphical analysis or uploaded to any other data analysis software.
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