IrDA Tester
Specialized Testing of Infrared Transceivers
IR3000 Software
Spreadsheet Programing

Each row is a test. The first seven columns after the Test Name column are the DUT pins.
The next column “PUT” is the Pin Under Test. The next two columns, “LED” and “PIN”
refer to the external optics. “PATT” means the pattern of ones and zeros that are loaded
into the RAM, “PW” = pulse width, and “F” = frequency. The last column, “SPEC”, contains
the minimum and maximum specification values for the pass/fail decision for each test
Double-clicking a cell in Engineering Mode will open a dialog box. For example, if a cell in the TxD column is double-clicked,
then the following dialog box will open. Here, the user can program the VIH and VIL input voltages that will be used to pulse the TxD pin.
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