The SMU-410 is a precision 3U PXI module that forces and senses both voltages and currents, 10V and 200mA. Each of the four channels is independent and electrically isolated from the PXI power supply, chassis, and each other. Voltages and currents are generated using 16-bit DAC's, with 7 current ranges. Measurement resolution is up to 24-bits. Nonvolatile memory stores resistor, offset and gain calibration constants. The DB25 front panel connector includes Kelvin sense lines and driven guards.


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• 4 isolated SMU channels, for legacy & hybrid PXI
• 4-quadrant: Voltage = 10V, Current 200mA
• 7 current ranges, 200nA to 200mA full scale
• 24-bit ADC's, programmable time vs. resolution
• 16-bit DAC's, sub-LSB offset & gain adjustments
• VS DLL's, LabView VI's, Sample GUI
• Synchronous & asynchronous triggering functions
• Excellent accuracy, from 0.03% 2mV

Pinout Notes
Output pins for the SMU are "VI_A" through "VI_D". Connect the "KLVN" Kelvin sense to the "VI" pins, and the "GNDS" ground sense to the "GND" pins, directly at the load. These connections are meant to eliminate the cable resistance. Both are internally connected with a 1K resistor, and therefore may be left floating, but with reduced accuracy.

The "GUARD" pins are buffered voltage followers driven through a 10K resistor. These pins may be used to drive the shield on cables used for low current measurement, for example. (Cables not included).